Nova Pocket Fighter

Nova Pocket fighter is a flash remake of the Super Pocket Fighter originally released by capcom in 1997. Fight the opponents in the arena, perform combos and use funny fighting skills like Chun-Li love letter delivery, Ken football play, Hsien-Ko bowling play.

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31 Responses to Nova Pocket Fighter

  1. BAHO says:


  2. ilhani says:

    okay lest go to champion

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  4. Hashir says:

    Good game

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    very super

  16. jo mama says:


  17. fatma hoisn says:

    pocket fighter nova il a hisn- ko et kin et ruy et falica et chun-li et morriga et sakura

  18. D'Andre says:


  19. leilani says:

    I do not like this because its so boring and i keep on loseing.You know im someone that does not loseing.And sommetimes ehen i lose i get very mad and i scream at people so thats why i do not like this game but i do like talking about it.

  20. zaido orongan says:

    ang sarap laruin

  21. Muhammad Adnan says:

    my best game

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  23. noman says:

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  24. Dave says:


  25. money getter123456768 says:

    wat r the controls?
    cant c help

  26. bily says:

    hey, thats pretty good..

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